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Hello all! 

I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time now, but I’ve been swamped with school work and whatnot. I plan on restarting my blogging addiction and getting back into the swing of posting regularly!


Thanks so much for the patience.

Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

So, I have a huge fascination with beauty gurus on youtube.  I don’t know why.  I just…love them.  My two roommates really know how much I love them.  I can literally…sit at my computer and watch beauty videos on youtube all day long.  A lot of the time, I just have them on as background noise while I’m applying my make up or getting dressed for the day.

I watch beauty videos on youtube SO MUCH that sometimes, there will basically be…no new videos for me to watch, which is always a sad moment for me. My favorite videos to watch are usually favorites of the months, tutorials, or hauls.  I usually scour the “How To & Style” category on youtube for new videos to watch.  It’s a sick addiction, to say the least.

Now, with this extensive knowledge of youtube and its beauty community, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite beauty gurus on youtube, even though there are probably hundreds of beauty gurus/aspiring gurus on youtube already.


Courtesy: Facebook

StyleSuzi, apart from being completely adorable, has a really edgy, cool style.  She’s also got a really sweet voice when paired with her British accent, make you just want to put her in your pocket.  I usually love her hauls because she always gets really great things and her style’s a lot like mine.  One of my favorite videos of hers is her tutorial on how to get her messy, bed head hair, which I adopted as my own hair routine.  It worked awesomely for me and now I can’t imagine doing my hair any other way!

Courtesy: Dailybooth

Missglamorazzi is probably one of my favorites for favorites videos, just because she consistently does them and she’s always so sweet and charismatic.  She’s also just beautiful and always looks really put together in all of her videos.  She’s really informative when it comes to reviewing products and like I said earlier, very consistent, which is definitely nice for a beauty guru.  Also, she’s got an awesome room set up, not gonna lie.


Courtesy: Facebook

Okay, so clothesencounters isn’t a beauty youtube channel but they are seriously one of my favorite youtube channels of all time.  Jenn, on the right, and Sara, on the left, are extremely stylish and adorable friends who blog about style and fashion.  They are avid thrift store and bargain shoppers, which I definitely appreciate because I don’t think style has anything to do with how much money you spend, but with what you do with what you have.  Also, they always have amazing music in all of their videos. Love.


Courtesy: beautycrush

Aside from being completely gorgeous, beautycrush has got a really really sweet personality that has made her my favorite beauty guru on youtube.  I think I have a weird fascination with British people because I LOVE British beauty gurus.  Aside from being a great beauty guru, she’s also got a really awesome, edgy style and makes great fashion videos.  I always love it when she has new videos up.  Also, her accessories and tattoos are to die for.


Courtesy: Facebook

Petrilude is pure…amazingness.  He does INCREDIBLE Halloween tutorials.  He really great with costume make up and dramatic make up.  Although he does has some really fun, wearable make up looks.  I usually just watch his videos with my mouth wide open at the end because his transformation is always so amazing.  Also, Misty Maven, his alter ego, is incredibly foxy.  And his tutorials on how to transform into Misty Maven are awesome.  He’s also extremely informative when it comes to make up in general and he’s one of those gurus who you KNOW knows what he’s talking about.  I love his videos just for pure entertainment cause there has literally never been a video of his that I’ve disliked.


Courtesy: Facebook

Pixiwoo is one of my favorites for very wearable, beautiful looks.  Pixiwoo is made up of two sisters, Sam and Nic, who both trade off doing beauty looks.  They mainly do tutorials, and there has literally never been a look that they’ve done where I’ve thought that it was ugly.  They always do looks that are beautiful.  Some are more wearable than others, but either way, they are all gorgeous.  What I also love about their channel is that they do runway looks as well, which, as a fashion and beauty lover, is the best of both worlds.

A few of my other favorite youtube beauty/fashion gurus:






The Mind Behind “Creative Minds”

UPDATE: Youssef just completed her website, check it out here.

A good friend of mine, Natalia Youssef, recently started a video series called “Creative Minds”. In this series, Youssef films and interviews creative individuals based around what they love doing and what they are passionate about. When asked to describe the project, she said:

“The main focus of “Creative Minds” is to capture who they are and what they love; To allow the viewer to step into their lives for just those 4 minutes. We all have our passions and I believe that the world should see what each person has to create.”

I had the great opportunity to be featured in a “Creative Minds” video this Spring Break.  Youssef asked me to be a part of her series and I jumped at the opportunity. I loved the idea of the series when Youssef described it to me.  Passion is a really important quality to me, and the idea of a series where people get to just talk about what they love really appealed to me.

So during Spring Break, we met up and spent a day filming, taking pictures, shopping, and catching up.  We sat in my room and really just talked about what inspires me and my blog.  The experience was strange and new, but definitely fun.  I’m not used to getting my picture taken or being filmed.  I love photographing other people, but I always end up feeling awkward in front of the camera.  But it was really fun to play model.  I found that the longer I was in front of the camera, the more comfortable I felt. Here are a few pictures from the shoot:

Here’s the final “Creative Minds” video! Enjoy!

Once I got back to school and settled into my Spring Quarter, I got the chance to turn the tables and interview Youssef.  I knew that I wanted to put the videos and pictures up but I wanted to give Youssef the chance to get a bit of publicity for her project.

Courtesy: Natalia Youssef


What inspired you to start the “Creative Minds” series?

I was inspired to start this series when I made my first video of my two friends Megan and Joseph. One day when we were all hanging out, we spontaneously decided to go to a park and film a mini video. Making this video inspired me to take a further look into film. I’ve always been interested in film, but I just never had the inspiration to take on any projects. From then on, I came up with the idea of this series “Creative Minds”.

What are you looking for from each individual? Why did you choose me?

I am lucky to have met some amazingly talented and passionate people in my life such as you. Your love for fashion is exactly what I look for when choosing who to make a video on. Basically, I just look for someone who has a strong passion or is really talented or both. Someone who is creative and would be interesting to feature.

What’s your favorite part of filming the “Creative Minds” videos?

My favorite part about making these videos is that I get to hear people’s stories first hand. Many people don’t really talk to each other in depth about what they love to do and why. Also, with the videos I always do a mini photo shoot and of course, as a photographer, I love taking pictures of people. I know that one day, many of the people I feature on are going to become successful and maybe even famous. They are all so talented and I am just so blessed to have known each and every one of them. Also, There are many more videos to come!

Now let’s turn the tables. What are YOU passionate about?

For me, I have always been inspired by music and photography. These two passions have definitely shaped me as a person tremendously. In the future, I see myself working for a record company and then starting my own company, photographing musicians and concerts, and incorporating my new passion, film, into the equation as well. 

Who do you admire when it comes to style?

There are many people that I admire style wise. Many of the people I admire have completely different styles than I do. A lot of my really close friends have amazing styles. I really admire one of my friends Diandra. Her style is so bold and different. Many of the clothes she wears I feel I could never pull off, but she pulls it off amazingly. I also love these two bloggers Jen and Sara. I recently discovered their youtube page, clothesencounters, and I just love everything they wear. 

How would you describe your style?

I wear what I love and feel comfortable in. My style is very simple and fresh. My daily outfit would just be a cute top, jeans, and moccasins or Toms. 

Check out her other “Creative Minds” video featuring singer/songwriter Devin Christine, here.

Ombre Hair!


Courtesy: Google image & fashiontoast

So, for the last…9 months or so, I’ve been completely and utterly obsessed with ombre hair.  Now, if you guys have been living under a rock, you might not know what ombre hair is.  First off, ombre is a color effect where the color goes from light to dark over an item of clothing, which comes from the the French term for “shaded”.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, ombre hair is where ones hair goes from dark to light, usually from the roots to tips, respectively.  Usually, it just looks like “Oh, I’ve been too lazy to color my roots so I sort of just let my blonde hair grow out…” Although that sounds sort of trashy, the look provides more of an “effortless” feel.

Ombre hair has been seen on the likes of Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson, Rumi Neely of fashiontoast, and model Lily Aldridge.  It’s been a super popular look for a while, but I’ve never really had the balls to actually do it to my hair.  First, I was just too scared to do it to my own hair.  I was terrified that I would ruin it and my hair would look like an orange mess.  My other dilemma was that I didn’t have enough money to get it professionally done.  Nor did I really feel the need to do so, since I rarely spend a lot of money on my hair anyway (my haircuts usually cost about fifteen dollars, the beauty of tiny Asian salons).

So finally, I had the perfect amount of boredom mixed with courage to actually attempt to ombre my hair.  The process wasn’t hard, but mostly tedious.  For me, since my hair is so dark, it took me about 4 hours to get the ombre effect that I was going for.  Despite the large amount of time it too me to get the look, I absolutely love the results and I’m glad that I decided to do it myself.


FIRST STEP: Go to your local drugstore or beauty supply store and buy a lightening kit.  I went with the L’Oreal Super Blonde Creme Lightening Kit which looks like:

Courtesy: Google image

And cost me about, twenty dollars or so?  It’s basically like a regular hair dying kit, where you have to mix the ingredients and shake up the bottle until your arm hurts and whatnot…except this one smelled a lot worse.  Like, toxic.  Like, I felt like the fumes were going to burn my eyelashes off or something.

SECOND STEP: Follow the instructions given to you from the kit.  Basically, take the bleaching powder packet, pour the entire contents of the packet into the little bottle, mix the liquid and the powder until the consistency is thick.

THIRD STEP: Take the bottom half of your hair, or wherever you want to start, whether it is 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down, and basically start applying the bleach to your hair.  Focus more of the product on the ends of your hair.  Also, don’t make a really harsh line between  your un-dyed hair and the bleach.  The look is supposed to be messy and effortless, like it grew out naturally, so you want it to be a bit uneven.  Sounds scary, but looks better.

FOURTH STEP: Next, let that sit for about twenty minutes, rinse out your hair, and dry it with your dryer on the coolest setting.  It should look a bit lighter than your natural hair color.

FIFTH STEP: Then take some more bleach (the bleach comes in a small container, but it actually lasts a really long time) and apply it to your hair about 1 to 2 inches below where you applied it earlier.  Once again, you want to be a little messy with this so on some bits, you can go a little higher, and on others you can go a little lower.  Also, focus more on the ends.  That’ll help with the ombre effect.  Keep this on for about twenty to thirty minutes.

SIXTH STEP: Once again, rinse out your hair. Blow dry on the coolest setting.

Now, if you’re satisfied with the way your hair looks, then you can stop now.  Wash your hair and apply a deep conditioning hair mask since your ends will hate you from all the bleach.  However, since my hair is hard to dye, I had to keep going…

SEVENTH STEP: Repeat the fifth step, except another 1 to 2 inches below the previous line.  Focus it more at the ends.  Be messy.  Yadda yadda yadda.  Keep this on for thirty to forty minutes.

FINAL STEP: Rinse your hair and dry with your dryer on the coolest setting.  If you’re satisfied with the way it looks, I suggest hopping back in the shower wetting your hair, and applying a deep conditioning hair mask to your hair like the Argan Magic Restorative Hair Mask, which I bought from CVS for something like fifteen dollars.  Your hair will be dry from all the bleach and the hair mask will basically be your savior.



In my opinion, this look is best when your hair is a bit messy or wavy.  It looks a bit awkward on straight hair.  Textured hair will add to the effortless, bed-heady look to the color.  An easy way to achieve the perfect bed-head look, especially if you don’t have any natural curl to your hair, is to:

1. Wash your hair at night, right before you’re about to go to bed.

2. Once you’re out of the shower, spritz your hair with a sea salt texturizing spray, the best one is probably the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.  Beauty and fashion gurus swear by this.  Rumi Neely recently posted a picture of the contents of her purse and, surprise surprise, this was in it.

3. Scrunch up your hair a bit and mess around with it.  You’ll instantly see that you’re getting a bit of added wave with the surf spray.  If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you can probably skip this step.

4. Go to sleep and wake up looking impossibly cool and gorgeous.


I apologize for not posting recently.  I’ve been really distracted and busy with school stuff.  I promise a post soon!  Hold tight! Thanks xx

Retail Therapy

Brown leather satchel purse, Urban Outfitters


Silver ring, Crossroads Trading Co.


Gold ring, H&M

~ $5.00

Gold chain necklace, Forever21

~ $3.80

Feather earrings, Aldo


Cropped oversized short-sleeve sweater, H&M


Short-sleeved perforated top, H&M

~ $12.00

Sheer, open back top, Forever21

~ $11.00

You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI, Beauty Supply Store


Suzi Says Da! by OPI, Beauty Supply Store


Hot & Spicy by OPI, Beauty Supply Store


Turquoise & Caicos by Essie, Ulta

~ $8.00

D’Fi Beach Bum Texturizing Spray, Ulta

~ $14.00

I plan on taking pictures of me actually wearing the clothes and accessories to show you how they hang and look on a body.  Also, for the beauty products, I can do reviews as well.  For the nail polishes, I can take pictures of what they look like on.

Let me know if you’re interested in any of these products in particular!