The Mind Behind “Creative Minds”

UPDATE: Youssef just completed her website, check it out here.

A good friend of mine, Natalia Youssef, recently started a video series called “Creative Minds”. In this series, Youssef films and interviews creative individuals based around what they love doing and what they are passionate about. When asked to describe the project, she said:

“The main focus of “Creative Minds” is to capture who they are and what they love; To allow the viewer to step into their lives for just those 4 minutes. We all have our passions and I believe that the world should see what each person has to create.”

I had the great opportunity to be featured in a “Creative Minds” video this Spring Break.  Youssef asked me to be a part of her series and I jumped at the opportunity. I loved the idea of the series when Youssef described it to me.  Passion is a really important quality to me, and the idea of a series where people get to just talk about what they love really appealed to me.

So during Spring Break, we met up and spent a day filming, taking pictures, shopping, and catching up.  We sat in my room and really just talked about what inspires me and my blog.  The experience was strange and new, but definitely fun.  I’m not used to getting my picture taken or being filmed.  I love photographing other people, but I always end up feeling awkward in front of the camera.  But it was really fun to play model.  I found that the longer I was in front of the camera, the more comfortable I felt. Here are a few pictures from the shoot:

Here’s the final “Creative Minds” video! Enjoy!

Once I got back to school and settled into my Spring Quarter, I got the chance to turn the tables and interview Youssef.  I knew that I wanted to put the videos and pictures up but I wanted to give Youssef the chance to get a bit of publicity for her project.

Courtesy: Natalia Youssef


What inspired you to start the “Creative Minds” series?

I was inspired to start this series when I made my first video of my two friends Megan and Joseph. One day when we were all hanging out, we spontaneously decided to go to a park and film a mini video. Making this video inspired me to take a further look into film. I’ve always been interested in film, but I just never had the inspiration to take on any projects. From then on, I came up with the idea of this series “Creative Minds”.

What are you looking for from each individual? Why did you choose me?

I am lucky to have met some amazingly talented and passionate people in my life such as you. Your love for fashion is exactly what I look for when choosing who to make a video on. Basically, I just look for someone who has a strong passion or is really talented or both. Someone who is creative and would be interesting to feature.

What’s your favorite part of filming the “Creative Minds” videos?

My favorite part about making these videos is that I get to hear people’s stories first hand. Many people don’t really talk to each other in depth about what they love to do and why. Also, with the videos I always do a mini photo shoot and of course, as a photographer, I love taking pictures of people. I know that one day, many of the people I feature on are going to become successful and maybe even famous. They are all so talented and I am just so blessed to have known each and every one of them. Also, There are many more videos to come!

Now let’s turn the tables. What are YOU passionate about?

For me, I have always been inspired by music and photography. These two passions have definitely shaped me as a person tremendously. In the future, I see myself working for a record company and then starting my own company, photographing musicians and concerts, and incorporating my new passion, film, into the equation as well. 

Who do you admire when it comes to style?

There are many people that I admire style wise. Many of the people I admire have completely different styles than I do. A lot of my really close friends have amazing styles. I really admire one of my friends Diandra. Her style is so bold and different. Many of the clothes she wears I feel I could never pull off, but she pulls it off amazingly. I also love these two bloggers Jen and Sara. I recently discovered their youtube page, clothesencounters, and I just love everything they wear. 

How would you describe your style?

I wear what I love and feel comfortable in. My style is very simple and fresh. My daily outfit would just be a cute top, jeans, and moccasins or Toms. 

Check out her other “Creative Minds” video featuring singer/songwriter Devin Christine, here.


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