Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

So, I have a huge fascination with beauty gurus on youtube.  I don’t know why.  I just…love them.  My two roommates really know how much I love them.  I can literally…sit at my computer and watch beauty videos on youtube all day long.  A lot of the time, I just have them on as background noise while I’m applying my make up or getting dressed for the day.

I watch beauty videos on youtube SO MUCH that sometimes, there will basically be…no new videos for me to watch, which is always a sad moment for me. My favorite videos to watch are usually favorites of the months, tutorials, or hauls.  I usually scour the “How To & Style” category on youtube for new videos to watch.  It’s a sick addiction, to say the least.

Now, with this extensive knowledge of youtube and its beauty community, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite beauty gurus on youtube, even though there are probably hundreds of beauty gurus/aspiring gurus on youtube already.


Courtesy: Facebook

StyleSuzi, apart from being completely adorable, has a really edgy, cool style.  She’s also got a really sweet voice when paired with her British accent, make you just want to put her in your pocket.  I usually love her hauls because she always gets really great things and her style’s a lot like mine.  One of my favorite videos of hers is her tutorial on how to get her messy, bed head hair, which I adopted as my own hair routine.  It worked awesomely for me and now I can’t imagine doing my hair any other way!

Courtesy: Dailybooth

Missglamorazzi is probably one of my favorites for favorites videos, just because she consistently does them and she’s always so sweet and charismatic.  She’s also just beautiful and always looks really put together in all of her videos.  She’s really informative when it comes to reviewing products and like I said earlier, very consistent, which is definitely nice for a beauty guru.  Also, she’s got an awesome room set up, not gonna lie.


Courtesy: Facebook

Okay, so clothesencounters isn’t a beauty youtube channel but they are seriously one of my favorite youtube channels of all time.  Jenn, on the right, and Sara, on the left, are extremely stylish and adorable friends who blog about style and fashion.  They are avid thrift store and bargain shoppers, which I definitely appreciate because I don’t think style has anything to do with how much money you spend, but with what you do with what you have.  Also, they always have amazing music in all of their videos. Love.


Courtesy: beautycrush

Aside from being completely gorgeous, beautycrush has got a really really sweet personality that has made her my favorite beauty guru on youtube.  I think I have a weird fascination with British people because I LOVE British beauty gurus.  Aside from being a great beauty guru, she’s also got a really awesome, edgy style and makes great fashion videos.  I always love it when she has new videos up.  Also, her accessories and tattoos are to die for.


Courtesy: Facebook

Petrilude is pure…amazingness.  He does INCREDIBLE Halloween tutorials.  He really great with costume make up and dramatic make up.  Although he does has some really fun, wearable make up looks.  I usually just watch his videos with my mouth wide open at the end because his transformation is always so amazing.  Also, Misty Maven, his alter ego, is incredibly foxy.  And his tutorials on how to transform into Misty Maven are awesome.  He’s also extremely informative when it comes to make up in general and he’s one of those gurus who you KNOW knows what he’s talking about.  I love his videos just for pure entertainment cause there has literally never been a video of his that I’ve disliked.


Courtesy: Facebook

Pixiwoo is one of my favorites for very wearable, beautiful looks.  Pixiwoo is made up of two sisters, Sam and Nic, who both trade off doing beauty looks.  They mainly do tutorials, and there has literally never been a look that they’ve done where I’ve thought that it was ugly.  They always do looks that are beautiful.  Some are more wearable than others, but either way, they are all gorgeous.  What I also love about their channel is that they do runway looks as well, which, as a fashion and beauty lover, is the best of both worlds.

A few of my other favorite youtube beauty/fashion gurus:







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